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Triple-A Powered ATS for Hiring and Talent Management

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Karolin Astaize
Karolin Astaize
Karolin Astaize
Karolin Astaize
Karolin Astaize

One platform for all your HR apps

With the confidence of AI and wisdom of analytics, Hiresome organizes Sourcing, Screening, Onboarding and Reporting by automating redundant work-flows and tailoring dashboards.


  • Video-CVs.
  • Proctored Assessments


  • Scalable
  • Unlimited Sub-Users
  • Resume Parsing
  • Job-boards
  • LinkedIn
  • Automations


  • Career Page
  • Live Interviews
  • Smart Scheduler
  • Teams, GMeet
  • Candidate Feedback


  • Offer Letters
  • Leadership Approval
  • Salary Dashboard
  • HR Ops


  • Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • KPIs & TAT

Your own ATS tailored to hit scale

Commerically - the most compelling, globally

Interviews & Feedbacks

A cumulative interview feedback mechanism to make hiring inclusive without the hassles of ATS sign ups with intelligent insights on candidates.

Assessments Framework

Proctored with anti-cheating tools, your own assessments platform to create new test Qs or leverage the bank to deliver real time candidate scorecards and eval.


Find the right fit with the help of the Video-CVs enabling access to a wider pool offering a solid substitute to screening or telephonic rounds

HR Ops

Simple tools to help customize and automate the entire onboarding right from offer letters to salary dashboards to designing the welcome kit and collaborating with colleagues.


Exhaustive reports on each aspect of your hiring life-cycle to optimize operations, remove bottlenecks, appraise team and make informed decisions.

To Sum It Up

With the power of Automation, Analytics and Custom tools such as Chatbot AI, Hiresome expedites the hiring cycle 1000s of recruiters while empowering decision makers with intelligent insights.


Recruiters use Hiresome everyday


Candidates are processed every month


Companies have used Hiresome


Data transferred everyday

Karolin Astaize
Karolin Astaize

GDPR governed and personalised UI for a transformative experience - you owning your data.